Call for papers Zetesis Journal



The Zetesis journal is preparing a special issue that focuses on Artistic Research as Exquisite Practice. This issue is part of the Creator Doctus project.


Respondents to the call are invited to attend to one of the following themes:


Exquisite Methods
This theme will explore recent and current thinking on artistic research and discuss the data collated with regard to exemplars of best practice.


Exquisite Mattering
This theme will explore the tension created between practical production and written submission and the importance of ‘matter’ and ‘mattering’ which arguably leads us to an innovative reimagining of what constitutes the idea of the ‘thesis’.


Exquisite Collisions
This theme will explore the importance of disciplinary specificity and inter/trans/cross-disciplinarity within the context of current ecologies of difference and the impact of intersectional identity forming practices.


Exquisite Collaborations
Using a range of collaborative partnerships as case studies of cultural organisations that have significant impact on the city, this theme will explore the dynamic relationship inherent in collaborative projects and the ethical implications of such forms of engagement where the partners (the artist, institution and organisation or societal partner) have various degrees of investment in the developing research project.


Exquisite Learning
This theme will explore the impact that the shifts in thinking about artistic research have had on learning and teaching, the role of the artist within academic and research contexts. It will consider the potential new strategies for engagement.


Exquisite Environments
This theme will explore the importance of the development of a strong research culture and its relationship to all levels of study – consider the development of the spaces for the delivery of artistic courses. – consider the shifts in the design of educational environments and the impact that the physical environment has on the nature of the production of art and the learning experience.


Exquisite Dissemination
This theme will explore the multi-modes of dissemination available to artistic researchers within contemporary culture and across a wide range of formal and informal, material and virtual platforms.


You are asked to react to the call with an outline of max. 1.000 words before 4 January 2021.


Please read the whole call here!