Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens, Greece)

The history of ASFA, which was founded in 1836, virtually coincides with the history of the modern Greek state. Throughout its long history, legendary and leading Greek artists representing many tendencies of fine arts, left their mark as members of the School’s teaching staff, thereby building the prestigious name of ASFA.

The Athens School of Fine Arts (established in 1837) is the most important higher education institution in Greece in the fields of the Arts. It provides full-time higher education, both at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, including the neighbouring fields of Art Theory and Industrial Design, while it offers part-time supplementary education in Arts and Crafts. In the recent years ASFA has excelled in research in the Arts with a focus on the History of Arts and Artistic Research.


The Athens School of Fine Arts has a long tradition in encouraging the artistic and professional development of its students and recent graduates by supporting their artistic projects through instruction and by providing the necessary infrastructures (including an exhibition space of 3000 sqm and eight annexes across the country that can host groups of students and faculty). ASFA offers also a PhD transdisciplinary programme that covers a variety methodologies from social sciences and humanities that support artistic research and production.

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