The Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Art (Copenhagen, Denmark)

The Schools of Visual Arts of the Royal Danish Art Academy of Fine Art offers all aspects of a superior fine art education: teaching, professional growth, and research within all aspects of the visual arts.

For more than 260 years now, the academy has fulfilled this function against a backdrop of changing views of art’s role and function. Concepts and roles whose status and significance might have been taken for granted in the past – the artist, the work of art, art exhibitions, the art market – are now subject to ongoing discussion and negotiation. Those discussions are an integral part of fine art education and research today, and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts reflects this.

The Schools of Visual Arts offers a three-year BFA study programme and a three-year MFA study programme. Students will benefit from Basic Studies, four Schools of Visual Arts, an Institute for Art, Writing and Research and laboratories for ceramics, construction, wood, plaster, 3D, graphics, colour, photography, video and sound.

The academy continues to evolve – thanks in part to the experimental development and research conducted at the schools as they push back boundaries within their respective disciplines.

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Karen Harsbo