Second CrD pilot: Femke Herregraven

The second CrD trajectory started in January 2020 and involves a partnership between Sandberg Instituut and Waag in Amsterdam. Femke Herregraven has been selected for this pilot with her research project ‘The Evacuated’.

In a time when financial markets trade in potential future catastrophes, so-called cat bonds, this CrD trajectory starts from a question of agency: what is left to say about a future that is already mapped, calculated and traded on financial markets as a catastrophe? ‘The Evacuated’ investigates how the ‘catastrophe’ can be overcome as an anxious monetised eventuality in the current ‘discourse of doom’, and instead be reactivated as a plot device and create a sudden turn in dominant stories of techno-capitalism and knowledge.

The trajectory will be supervised by Chris Julien on behalf of Waag, an institute that operates at the intersection of science, technology and the arts, and Flavia Dzodan, senior researcher and writer, on behalf of Sandberg Instituut (master programmes of Gerrit Rietveld Academie).

The co-funding for this second pilot is provided by the Creative Industries Fund.