Oct 29—Nov 21
Exhibition: Processing Space-Times

Exhibition: Processing Space-Times


Group Exhibition: Arnas Anskaitis, Joan Ayrton with Hanako Murakami, Femke Herregraven, Saoirse Higgins, Theodoros Giannakis, Jane Jin Kaisen, Caroline Meyer-Juershof


The exhibition is curated by Astrid Korporaal.


29 October – 21 November 2021

Research is often understood to be an investigation that leads to a new understanding of a subject or field of study. What we find is influenced by where and how we look. Every lens frames our point of view, informs our perspective, and shapes our actions. The artist-researchers affiliated with the art schools and academies taking part in the Creator Doctus project create thought-provoking artworks that enhance our experience of the world. They question the existing standards that define what is recognised as knowledge within the academy.


The aim of the Creator Doctus project is to foster the development of comparable, yet distinctive creative models of artistic research. We live in complex cultural landscapes, and we need multiple ways to understand our world. The practices represented in this exhibition, by artists Arnas Anskaitis (Vilnius Academy of Arts), Joan Ayrton (l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris-Cergy) with Hanako Murakami, Femke Herregraven (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Saoirse Higgins (Glasgow School of Arts), Theodoros Giannakis (Athens School of Fine Arts), Jane Jin Kaisen (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) and Caroline Meyer-Juershof (Merz Akademie), expose ways of thinking and making that are constantly influencing and influenced by our surroundings. By gathering these artworks together, we can reflect on the ways knowledge becomes part of our lives through embodied interaction.


Artistic research is a process, but it can also be understood as a processor: a powerful tool to bring different spaces, times and systems into dialogue with each other. A processor is also a form of external memory, and a way of translating instructions between virtual and physical realms.The artists represented here find different ways to cross borders in the space and time of thinking: they grapple with recurring memories, fragmented histories, fragile ecosystems, new technologies, persistent inequalities, and speculative futures. Mentors, collaborators, guides and visitors join them on the diverging paths towards communal knowledge.